Building Futures: Pathways to Trades Program

Building Futures: Pathways to Trades is a free program launching in Wyndham and the surrounding areas. The program is designed to support women who’ve experienced challenges in life by helping them into valuable well-paid careers in the trades industry.

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Currently On: Workshop Series

Through a series of 4 workshops and a year-long mentoring and support program, our group of women from the Wyndham area are learning about opportunities in trades, connecting to a peer group of women, meeting with well-connected and experienced long-term mentors, learning new career-ready skills, and connecting directly with trades employers.


Workshop 1: Meet with likeminded women, network and connect.

Workshop 2: Get access to trades businesses, trying tools and working in small groups to solve industry-specific problems.

Workshop 3: See a variety of roles and women in them while getting increased knowledge of the different roles available to you.

Workshop 4: Learn about the increased roles available, and secure a job or TAFE course in the trades industry.



Register your interest and we’ll email you with future event dates.


  • Are you a woman seeking financial security?
  • Do you live in or near Wyndham?
  • Have you experienced challenging circumstances in life?

We welcome women of all backgrounds and have a particular focus on supporting indigenous women, women of refugee or asylum-seeking and CALD backgrounds, women with disabilities, and women with experience of challenging family and financial situations.

Our program is completely free. In addition, if you experience a barrier to accessing the course such as reimbursing the cost of transport or requiring childcare, we may be able to help support you. As a participant, you will join a local group of women receiving training, peer support, mentoring, and employment connections to help you achieve financial security in a trades career. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Tradeswomen Australia Community Foundation acknowledges the support of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, the City of Wyndham, and Victoria University.

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