Supporting Community

Introducing the Wyndham Pathways Project

TWACF is a charitable organisation, funded by major philanthropists and in partnership with Victoria University. We are soon commencing an exciting, completely free new project in the Wyndham area to support women into trades careers.

Is this project for you?

  • Are you a woman seeking financial security and valued career?
  • Do you live in or near the City of Wyndham?
  • Have you experienced challenging life circumstances (potentially at risk of homelessness, have experienced family safety concerns, experiencing unemployment, or similar)?
  • Would you be interested in joining a local group of women to receive training, peer support, mentoring and employment connections to help you achieve financial security and a valued career as a Tradeswoman?

The TWACF Pathways Project is commencing in early 2021.  We welcome women of all backgrounds, and we have a particular focus on supporting indigenous women, women of refugee, asylum-seeker, CALD backgrounds, and women with a disability.

If would like to apply to be part of this project and to start your journey to financial security in a trades career, please register your interest:

We will contact you as the project commences.

TWACF is part of the Tradeswomen Australia Group. You can learn more about our other activities here.