Introducing Our School Program

We’re speaking with girls and young women at schools throughout Victoria about the variety of opportunities available within the trades industry. After all, if you don’t know about trade options, you’re not likely to choose one. 

We offer presentations and activities to support schools in showcasing the trades as valid and viable career options for students transitioning to their next stage. To date, we’ve spoken with over 1,000 students across Victoria.


We speak with students about who we are as an organisation, why what we do is important, and invite a tradeswoman to speak to her experience in the industry.

Our program teaches students:

  • What a variety of roles are available to them
  • Who the women are that work in them – including a tradeswoman who speaks at each program!
  • What tools to use on the job – including getting to try them
  • Where to seek further information

The program is extremely flexible and can be tailored to fit the time limit that you set. We leave plenty of space for students to ask questions and find out more about what motivates the tradeswoman, why she likes her job, and even what time she gets up in the morning!

Get in touch with us via the form below if you’re keen to learn more about the services we offer to schools.

Child's Hands


We’re currently booked with school presentations through 2021 but we’re happy to discuss presentations in 2022. 


Note: We’ve only been visiting schools in Victoria to date but we’re happy to discuss ways we can work together to support schools across the nation.


With representation of women in trades remaining stagnant, at 2%, for 25 years, we believe educating the community is a huge part of the battle to creating a gender-equal industry.

Over 40% of students seek career advice from teachers, which is why we’re working to ensure careers, job pathways, skills, and subjects aren’t labelled by gender in the classroom. Because as we know, labels can contribute to gender bias and may influence a child’s view on the “correct” pathway to a career.

We encourage all young people – female, male or gender non-conforming – to consider trades as viable and valid career options. 

What are the benefits of a trades career?

  • Financial and job security
  • Tradies are in demand
  • No two days are the same
  • Ability to move up the ladder
  • Shorter and more affordable training path
  • Future leadership opportunities
  • Enjoy the work you’re doing!

Questions?  Contact Project Manager Katie Yates

Tradeswomen Australia Community Foundation acknowledges the support of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, the City of Wyndham, and Victoria University.

TWACF is part of the Tradeswomen Australia Group. You can learn more about our other activities here.